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Legal Forms

Limited Company, National Land Code and Other Forms

ILBS also publishes legal forms that are frequently used in corporate and legal fields. 

These printed copies are definitely superior to photocopies for formal use and are very reasonably priced.

Limited Company Forms

1. Form: Annual Return of Company having a Share Capital 

2. Form 5:
Return of Partners of Firm of Auditors

3. Form 6: Statutory Declaration of Compliance

4. Form 11:
Notice of Resolution

5. Form 13A: Request for Availability of Name 

6. Form 24:
Return of Allotment of Shares

7. Form 25: Statement Containing Particulars of Shares Allotted otherwise than for Cash

8. Form 28:
Notice of Increase in Share Capital

9. Form 29A: Notice of Interest of Substantial Shareholder  

10. Form 29B:
Change in the Interests of Substantial Shareholder

11. Form 29C: Notice of Person Ceasing to be a Substantial Shareholder

12. Form 29D:
Notice to Non-Resident as to Requirements Relating to the Disclosure of Substantial Shareholdings

13. Form 31: Notice of Place Where Register of Interest Holders Kept or of Change in that Place. 

14. Form 32:
Return by Management Company

15. Form 32A: Form of Transfer of Securities

16. Form 34:
Statement of Particulars to be Lodged with Charge

17. Form 42B: Evidence of Satisfaction of Charge/Release of Property or Part of Property from Charge 

18. Form 43:
Statutory Declaration Verifying Memorandum

19. Form 44: Notice of Situation of Registered Office and of Office Hours and Particulars of Changes

20. Form 48A:
Statutory Declaration by a Person before Appointment as Director or by a Promoter before Incorporation of Corporation

21. Form 48B: Application for Company Secretary's License 

22. Form 49:
Return giving Particulars in Register of Directors, Managers and Secretaries and Changes of Particulars

23. Form 51A: Application for Extension of Time for Holding the Annual General Meeting for 19__ and to Present Accounts thereat

24. Form 55:
Annual Return of a Company not having a Share Capital

25. M & A: Memorandum and Articles of Association (5 copies)

National Land Code: Land Forms

Borang 14A: Pindahmilik Tanah, Bahagian atau Pajakan

Borang 15A: Pajakan Tanah

Borang 16A: Gadaian (Untuk menjamin pembayaran wang pokok)

Borang 16N: Melepaskan Gadaian

Borang 19A: Notis Mengenai Kemasukan Kaveat

Borang 19B: Permohonan Untuk Memasukkan Kaveat Persendirian

Borang 19D: Permohonan Untuk Memasukkan Kaveat Pemegang Lien

Borang 19G: Notis Untuk Menarik Balik Kaveat Sendirian

Borang 19H: Permohonan Untuk Membatalkan Kaveat Sendirian

Other Forms

Sale & Purchase Agreement Forms: Land And Building  [Subregulation 11(1)] (Schedule G) per set of 12 pages

Sale & Purchase Agreement Forms: Building or Land Intended for Subdivision Into Parcels [Subregulation 11(1)] (Schedule H) per set of 16 pages

Sale & Purchase Agreement Forms: Land And Building  [Subregulation 11(1A)] (Schedule I) per set of 12 pages

Sale & Purchase Agreement Forms: Building or Land Intended for Subdivision Into Parcels [Subregulation 11(1A)] (Schedule J) per set of 16 pages

Perjanjian Jual dan Beli (Tanah dan Bangunan) (Jadual G) - satu set mengandungi 12
muka surat

Perjanjian Jual dan Beli (Bangunan Yang Bermaksud Dipecah Bahagi) (Jadual H) - satu set mengandungi 15 muka surat

Power of Attorney


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we must first make the law respectable."


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